Frequently Asked Questions

read our faqs and contact us if you don't find the answer

What is the difference between your national online stores and national merchants?


You can shop locally with regular national merchants and only online with national online stores.

How do I benefit from shopping with the online stores through MyChoice?


You will not only receive the discount offer by the national online stores but you will also receive an additional cash rebate when you shop with them through

How long will it take to see transactions in my pending rebates account?


It sometimes take up to 7 business days to receive transactions from our online partners.

What should I do if the transactions are not showing after 7 days?


Please submit a Transaction inquiry. The following information will be need: Name of Store, Date of transaction, Order ID, Amount (excluding tax & shipping), Your 7 digit customer ID.

Do we receive a discount with the MyChoice card AND a rebate, or just the rebate?


You will receive a minimum of a 10% discount when shopping with local merchants and you will receive a rebate when shopping with national online stores.

I tried to order a product and at checkout and it didn't ask me for my MyChoice number. How is my purchase tracked back to my card to get the rebate?


Your logging seven digit customer ID is being used to track all transactions with national online stores. This information is submitted back to us with the transaction details.

An online store requested me to create and account to complete my purchase, so I entered my email and password that I use in the MyChoice Mall but it didn't work. Do I need to create a separate user account to shop? When I make purchases, how are my transactions tracked?


YES. This information is being used by the national online stores to maintain a profile for you as a buyer in order to maintain your records. They may also send you special offers and promotions which you can use when making purchases through and receive the rebates.

Do I have to complete any paperwork or contact anyone to receive my rebates?


NO. All transactions are automatically tracked using your seven digit customer ID login.

Do I receive a rebate when purchasing a gift card online?


NO, unless you are purchasing it through or Wu pay which are two of our national online stores.

What happens if I return a product?


If a customer returns a product for a refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, you will be debited for any rebates earned on that transaction.

Do I have to enter these websites through in order to receive rebates?


YES. Each time you are shopping with any National Online Stores listed, you must enter those stores by using the links on the site to receive the rebates.

If I receive special promotions from any of the online stores, can I use the promotion & receive a rebate when I shop through the website?


YES, and you will also receive the rebate.