What Some Consumers Said About Us
I've just joined a loyalty program called Mychoice. It's good; I use it myself and I recommend it to anybody.
Ben A. -Decatur, GA
As a MyChoice member I was able to save over 73% on my first purchase! This saved me almost $200 off the retail price. It is a win-win for the consumer and the merchant as I was able to save and they received a new customer. I appreciate the MyChoice program and look forward to many more savings in the future.
Ken T. -Stone Mountain, GA
I love using my MyChoice card. Everywhere I go they give 10 to 50 percent off.
Hannah -Chattanooga, TN

Our History

In 1978, John P. Davis formed Tradebank International, Inc. to provide businesses across the country the opportunity to conserve cash and increase profits while bartering their services. Tradebank is now in four countries and has over 70 regional offices. The barter business continues to flourish year after year as trading is recognized as a mainstream means of doing business. Tradebank  has grown for the last 34 years consecutively. However, John recognized a limitation of barter in that your business has to be healthy enough to be able to afford to trade. For a barter company to be successful, it must have clients that are succeeding in business. This is why, over 20 years ago, John started formulating a way to drive new cash business to his already existing barter clients. Unfortunately the technology at the time was not available. In 2009, he was presented with the technology that enabled the prelaunch of MyChoice, LLC.

Our Business Model

MyChoice is the cash version of Tradebank. The idea is to fundamentally enhance the way consumers purchase and the way merchants advertise with the goal to revolutionize the advertising world and to always be the leader in performance based advertising. We are passionate about creating long-term, loyal relationships between the consumer and community owned and operated businesses.

Why We Are the Best Loyalty Program You Will Ever Experience

With MyChoice, you save money on more products, and in more ways, than any other discount card - ever.

While other discount programs are often limited in their offerings, MyChoice gives you access to hundreds, even thousands of goods and services.  Shop for restaurants, electronics, furniture, jewelry, entertainment, professional services, collectibles, gourmet food, vacation resorts, and the list goes on and on.

Even more, participating consumers can now shop at popular national retailers online and earn cash rebates back up to 20%. 

Unlike any other discount card, MyChoice gives you more choices when it comes to shopping and saving...and we are just getting started!

Our vision is that MyChoice  will be the loyalty program of choice for every household.