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MyChoice is the smart choice of shoppers all across the country because you save money on so many goods and services, and in more ways, than any other loyalty program...EVER!

Your MyChoice membership will provide you access to hundreds of local and national stores through the soon to be largest virtual mall on the Internet. You can shop for restaurants, electronics, furniture, jewelery, entertainment, medical & dental services, professional services, collectibles, gourmet food, books, and much more..

While other discount programs are often limited in their offerings, MyChoice gives you access to hundreds, even thousands of products and services. Shop for vacations, hotels, restaurants, professional services, exercise equipment, printing, office furniture, dentists, veterinarians - the list of merchants and savings, goes on and on.

When you enroll for a MyChoice membership, you will receive a discount of 10% or more whenever you shop hundreds of participating LOCAL merchants. And receive cash rebates at hundreds of popular national businesses ONLINE. In addition to cash rebates, you can also receive substantial discounts to national stores from special MyChoice promotional codes.

Your Choice for a World of Opportunities!

Organization With MyChoice, you will receive a unique opportunity to work closely with others, to build an organization of sales associates and customers, and to earn a significant income.

As a MyChoice Agent, you'll enlist other agents to help you build an expansive customer base for MyChoice merchants in your area and across the country. Your team will sell MyChoice, entitling members to discounts and rebates throughout the MyChoice network, but you'll benefit from other income sources as well. You'll earn money from members in your organization, getting paid every time their customers buy. You also have opportunities to earn bonus money from additonal pools.

Ready to start building your financial future? Ready to earn money, not just on a single product line, but on literally thousands of products?

Performance-Based Advertising

Gain New Customers A famous retailer once said, "Half of what I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don't know which half." With MyChoice, that dilemma is no longer a concern. The only time you'll pay for advertising is after you get paid.

When you become a MyChoice Merchant, you'll offer MyChoice member a discount on your goods or services. When a MyChoice member makes a purchase, you'll pay MyChoice 10% of the net sale prior to sales tax, as a post-sale advertising charge. You get a new customer without wasting a single advertising dollar.

MyChoice is a customer loyalty program for any business to promote on a continuing basis, attracting new customers who will buy from you time and time again. MyChoice distributors and agents will enlist thousands of MyChoice members and direct them to your business. They have a vested interest in promoting your business. Their only compensation is the commission they receive on each of their members' purchases. And because you'll enjoy limited exclusivity, you can be sure they'll be sending business your way.

The Ultimate Fundraiser

Please Support Our Fundraiser MyChoice makes fundraising simple. Fewer volunteers are required. There are no products to manage, no products to deliver. We'll provide a website where your members can learn about the program and even enroll online.

MyChoice is not about offering more candy, fruit, greeting cards, or wrapping paper. Instead, it is about offering you what you really want and need - the opportunity to save money, on literally thousands of products and services.

When someone enrolls as a MyChoice member through your organization, they will receive great savings and rebates all throughout the MyChoice network. And every time they shop using their membership, your organization will earn a commission on the sale.

The Loyalty Myth Revisited by Stuart Graham No other company has been able to offer a program that incorporates all the elements that MyChoice offers where business owners are able to gain new customers, retain existing customers, benefit from personal savings and derive additional revenue by introducing consumers and other merchants to our world class loyalty program.

-Stuart Graham, The Loyalty Myth Revisited

Stuart Graham is a recognized expert in the field of business development, customer acquisition and loyalty program development. Having founded a la Carte International, then serving various capacities for a variety of loyalty marketing firms and marketing compaines, he is a proven operations leader in widely diverse organizational settings.